Speechless. {Poem}

I’m not writing much these days.
I’m in silent mode.
Or, maybe I’m using that as an excuse,
And I just really don’t have anything to say. 
My heart’s been louder than my head.
I’m letting her have the floor.
I’m learning how to do nothing and still feel accomplished.
Something’s happening to me and I don’t understand it.
I’m not trying to understand it,
Because, it feels like magic or something.
Maybe this is how a flower feels
Or, how a butterfly feels
Or, how any living thing feels
When it believes it is one thing
Just as it gets comfortable as that,
It changes
Or, blooms
Or, flies
Or, dies
Or, is born for the first time
Or, is reborn for the fifteenth time.
Whatever is going on with me,
I’m not fighting it
I’m letting it do its thing… ~Rebecca 


One thought on “Speechless. {Poem}

  1. Rebecca, You write such beautiful poetry. I am going through the same thing, and like you, I’m just letting it flow, using mindfulness meditation and staying in the present to accept and observe these changes.

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