A Soul Full of Gratitude.

God becomes important to the person in need of hope.

Money becomes important to the person who doesn’t have any.

Love becomes important to the person who is left all alone.

A miracle becomes important to the person who has run out of options.

Unfortunately, we don’t realize the importance of things until we don’t have them anymore.


What would happen if we appreciated the preciousness of what we do have when we have it, instead of waiting until it’s gone?


We’d believe more.

We’d give more.

We’d love more.

We’d trust more.

We’d stop waiting.

We’d live every day as if it was our first and our last.

We wouldn’t hesitate to do and say the things we’ve always wanted to.

We’d live our lives so completely, that when our last day does arrive, we are ready to leave this life willingly and with a soul full of gratitude. ~Rebecca



2 thoughts on “A Soul Full of Gratitude.

  1. Thank you Rebecca. Only recently came across your blog and am slowly exploring as time allows.

    Enjoying the eloquence and clarity of your posts. So helpful; I forget sometimes and need – want to to be reminded of what I choose to make important in my life.

    Much appreciation and respect.

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