A Wordless Love. {Poem}

I woke up this morning, happy. I said my prayers. I made my coffee. I set out breakfast for the girls. And then, I sat down and this came out; just when I thought there’s nothing left to grieve. I wonder what would happen if I didn’t have this outlet to purge, to sweat out life’s aftermath. Certainly, happiness would no longer greet me in the mornings…


Love, a collector of lovers passed

An unpleasant contentment

With each new latch

A yearning of what wasn’t

In that love before

The one

The one, who’d witness my end

A fist, full of memories

Scattered in the sea

I thought,

I thought he’d be the one to do that for me

A mashing of souls and limbs

Unquestioned, unseen

Silence between us

Heaven it seems?

Yet, a wordless love cannot sustain

Not for me, hungry for the next refrain

This love knows that to be true

He writes

To fill the chasm in my heart

But, he will tire, too

See, this abyss is impossible to fill

Remembering what could have been


When I was with him.



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