An Interlude from Solitude. {Poem}

I take walks

Not every day

But most days

I walk with my eyes open and my hands free

Sometimes the wind blows and loose hairs collect across my teeth

I pull them away, so I can smile purely

At the strangers walking past

I want to walk straight into them, through them

Like a ghost

Collecting their pain

So they don’t have to feel it anymore

Some smile back at me

Some ignore me

Some look the other way

Afraid to be seen

I understand

I’m shy, too

I’m scared, too

Some are running so fast

They outrun the moment

They don’t even notice my presence

The dogs and the birds

They notice me

Wet noses streak across my shins

Beaks bowing from the electrical lines

Watching as I try to connect

I see you

I say with my glance

I see you

There are the ones who see me, too

And I feel free

That’s the reason I take walks

It’s not to burn calories or take enough steps

I take walks to see the living

It’s my way of loving

Of being loved

Of being a part of it all

An interlude from solitude.



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