An Ode to the Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur: A person who starts a business and is willing to risk loss in order to make money. The origin is French, meaning, “one who undertakes.”

An undertaker of one’s greatest dream — with courage as abundant as his or her ingenuity. A willingness to take a chance in spite of the fear. A born leader becomes an entrepreneur because he or she knows they could never survive under the rule of another.

An entrepreneur is one who thinks for themselves — whose passion for success is unscathed by the judgments and negativity of skeptics and naysayers.

A warrior of the heart, who responds to the whispers of intuition, before they have a chance to turn into screams.

An innovator who won’t take no for an answer, because they know — to risk is the only way to live successfully; the only option if they wish to build a legacy.

I’ve never considered myself a businesswoman or an entrepreneur until now. I am an undertaker, a warrior, an innovator — a creator.

I risk my reputation in order to honor my vulnerability, ignoring the boundaries of social norms to express myself and follow my calling.

I’m not a millionaire, not even close, but I’m ambitious, steadfast in my mission and loyal to my inexhaustible desire to bear palpability to my vision.

Although I’m no Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs, my experiences have transformed to insights I’d like to share.

An Ode To The Entrepreneur

Pay attention to the ease of your vision.
Does the idea present itself effortlessly? This is important.
The foundation shouldn’t be a struggle.
Although, the building will take effort.

It will be hard work.
You will need your tools of ambition, tenacity and stubbornness.

Put on your blinders.
Don’t spend time comparing yourself to others in your industry.
In doing so, you will be doing yourself a disservice.
Do your work as if you are the only one in your profession.
You are the greatest artist, doctor, gardener, web designer, writer or chef who ever lived.
No one compares.
Compete with yourself, only.

When you feel like you are drowning in stagnation and indifference,
Study, read, learn and then do, do your work again with vigor and joy.

Don’t let anyone dissuade you.
Don’t be greedy.
Humbly accept the terms of the opportunity.

Live within your means.
Don’t overextend yourself or bury yourself in debt.
If you do, it will swallow the purity of your vision.

There will always be fear and discomfort associated with any venture into the unknown,
but the undertaker will always risk instead of cower.
That’s what distinguishes a warrior from a weakling.

Take yourself seriously.
Interview yourself for the position.
Acknowledge your worth.
Hard work never amounts to anything,
if you don’t believe in yourself.

Remember the worst that can ever happen,
is the best that can happen —
You will always end up right where you are supposed to be.

Do your due diligence.
Use your critical mind and trust your heart.

Jump when you feel it’s time;
Have faith your wings will spread because they have to.

Always hope for fruition and welcome the mistake.
The ones who learn from their mistakes and improve upon them —
They become the moguls.

The advice of all advice is this —
Do it yourself.

Don’t depend on anyone else.
Don’t rely on a partner or another to do your work for you.
You must do it yourself, and when you do, others will pay attention.
They will respect you.
They will believe in you, and they will want to help you.

This is my experience.
I don’t answer to anyone but myself, and that’s what I call Freedom.

Once you decide to undertake your dreams, there’s no going back. In the wise words from a favorite song of mine:

Walk on, walk on, walk on, cause you can’t go back now…
Go where you wanna go, be what you want to be…
If you ever turn around, you’ll see me,
but in the end the only steps that really matter,
are the ones you take all by yourself. — The Weepies


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