Childhood Is But A Dream. {Poem}

Childhood is but a Dream


Childhood is but a dream.

Covering my eyes from its blinding gleam.

Too bright it always seems,

The little things that shaped my drowning esteem.


I try to pick off the scabs

From all the stabs,

Over time they caused injury,

Not to be fixed by surgery

Of my soul,

It’s completely out of my control.


Childhood is but a dream,

A dream we spend our lives trying to un-seam.  

Untangle the knots of thoughts engrained,

You know,

All the ways we’ve been trained.


That’s all this life is,

An unraveling of a mind and heart

Filled with youth’s damages.

We attempt to undo it cause, 

They certainly didn’t mean to do it to us.


Our parents that is,

They did the best they could.

They never meant to hurt us, 

But they did,

By doin’ what they thought they should.


That’s the point isn’t it?

We’re meant to be injured.

It’s the way of the warrior to journey,

To turn away from the worry.   


We have the power to make it better

If we choose.

Otherwise, this life we’ll definitely lose

Our chance to really forgive 

The people who brought us into this world

To live.


Mom and Dad, you loved me well.

You protected me the only way you knew how.

I’m forever grateful to be here

Under your wings you kept me close,

You held me dear.


You gave me the skills to navigate,

So I was prepared for the times

When I wanted to escape.

You taught me to run from the pain,

When there is nothing else to gain.

Although, sometimes I feel insane

Cause I’ve always driven in a different lane.


I’ve tried to bring it back,

You know?

Before life became one big attack.  

I miss the days when all I had to do

Was lay in your lap.

When I busted my knee,

Or my feelings were bruised

Like I’d fallen from a tree.

You picked me up like the angels do,

Into your arms you made sure I knew

I was loved and would be,

As I grew.  


At times, my dreams are hazy and I forget,

My childhood was real,

Better yet

It floats in me each day

With every move and word I say.  


Thank you for the childhood you gave,

I know it’s a dream I’ll save.

Cause it lights my way,

As I walk this world

All the way to my grave. 


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