Crazy Love Wisdom.

Welcome to my crazy column filled with some lovin’ wisdom.

I’m here to guide you and inspire you.

Am I an expert? Am I a therapist? No, I just listen to the heart.

I’ve decided not to define this column, but let it be spontaneous and free. If you have a love question, ask me—I will answer.

Maybe I’ll post a poem, a daily inspiration or a video blog. I don’t know what this will be, but I’m willing to find out.

Here’s my Crazy Love Wisdom of the day.  It’s about—well, I’ll let you decide.

I Love, I Become.

A tidal wave to my soul.
The almighty claw of crest scrapes the skin of sand,
grains of earth swim with droplets of divine,
melting together in the frothy heat of the surge.

In her jaws of current, she swallows my desire,
I am swept under and out to sea, the belly from which I came.

I, no longer, but a force within force.
Just as the salty tear becomes the ocean and the ocean becomes the salty tear.

Love becomes love.


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