Death Becomes Us. {Poem}

How do I mourn?

When I keep getting reborn.

A loss so heavy, I sink

Into the next moment, creating a link.


As my life evaporates,

All I can do is breathe.

Second to minute,

Minute to hour,

Hour to day, absorbed.

It disappears to where?

Will I ever know what for?


I try to catch it; an impossibility.

Cause death is the true probability.

Everyone I love is going to die.

I think of it so often,

It consumes my time.

Hanging on to the present, before I slip

Into the next realm of existence.

Then, there will come a day, I won’t be here anymore

When all of life’s deaths

Culminate, revealing—it’s all just folklore.


The breath quits, I turn to mist.

Death becomes us,

Over and over without knowing it.

I will miss you, I think?

But will I? Without conscious-ness?


I yearn for those who’ve passed,

For whom I can no longer grasp.

I reach for them to pull them close to my heart.

That remains the hardest part.


Sometimes the grief is so great,

I wish I could hide, yet I can’t—

That’s a mistake

Because fear is always unprotected,

With a pulse in my side

It’s sadness that is meant as my guide.


This cat and mouse chase is bound to end

When death becomes us,

The ground is our bed.

Burying us deep in eternal sleep.

That’s what the living say,

But they are blind to death’s fate, aren’t they?


Goodbye, sweet life

I chased away—

Instead, running from something that’s inevitable, anyway.


I close my eyes,

Only under the guise,

Night promises another sunrise.

But, what happens when it’s my last pink sky?


Death becomes us all, why fret?

Otherwise, worry will become your biggest regret.

So, live this life fully,

And be sure not to hurry.

Find clarity in your mortality,

 Because at the end of all this, is unity. 


For you. 


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