Demons & Angels.

“If I got rid of my demons, I’d lose my angels.” ~Tennessee Williams

This is what artists do–
We dive in all the way 
Discovering the buoyancy 
In the heavy, dark, murky waters
Cause that’s where all the good stuff grows
We go dark to go light

I wake in the morning in peace, 
Content, blessed to be alive 
I watch the sunrise 
I drink my coffee
And as I do, 
I jump in 
I swim all the way down
To my net–
What did I catch overnight?
I pull it to the surface 
And lay it out on the page 
There’s always something in there
There will always be something–
Even if it’s a piece of garbage that was pulled in by the currents
I don’t care
I use it all
I shuck the feelings open with my pen
And I cook it on the paper
I serve it to you, to read.

I live a full, lovely life 
I work hard
I create
I raise my kids
I go on dates
And spend time with my friends
I swim miles
I smile
I laugh hysterically
Sure, there are the days and weeks that 
Sadness, loneliness and frustration linger, 
But it never stops me from enjoying and appreciating this life.

We all need an outlet, 
A stage, 
A place to let it out 
And let it go
I have chosen to do it this way. 

I keep the door to my heart open at all times 
And because of that, 
My home is always full of visitors–
The demons and the angels.

Switching from the sea to the sky for a moment:

Emotions are like flies– 
The more I shoo them away, 
The more they are attracted to me
I learned this early on,
So I don’t shoo my feelings away, ever
I let them land 
I watch as they rub their little legs together, 
And hang out for a while.

Sometimes, I want to smash them 
And squish them until they turn to liquid 
Sometimes, they make my skin crawl 
And I just want to scream and run
But I don’t
Instead, I wait
Eventually, they go
They get bored
They fly on

My writings are the same
Some days they are light
Some days they are dark
I welcome them both
Cause that’s just the way it rolls  
When you live your life wide open,
Exposed. ~Rebecca


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