Dive. {Poem}

There’s only one way I know how to be

Allowing my heart to live outside my body

It’s exposed, vulnerable all of the time

Like sticking my hand outside the window of a moving car

I take a risk—I could be left without an arm

Then what?

How will I go on?

I might as well just be gone

But the heart still beats even when it’s battered

It keeps on keeping on, well, forever

See, we think velocity is the threat

That will certainly deliver us to our death

If I stretch my arm out a little too far

The whole world will surely go dark

No, cause even if I lose my limb

This life still won’t dim

That’s the point

Isn’t it?

To let my heart die over and over

Cause the thing is it’ll always revive

So open your arms

Spread them wide

Into this world




Right when you think it’s coming to an end

With a broken heart and a severed hand

Your wings will spread

And safely,

Oh angel, safely you will land. ~Rebecca



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