Doctor, Are You Single?

“Well, your finger looks good. Do you have any other questions for me?”

The last time he saw me, my finger looked like Gonzo got beat up by Miss Piggy; that’s what happens when the full weight of a loose-hinged, heavy metal door swings shut on your index finger.

“Actually I do have a question: are you single?”

He paused for a moment, grinning as he darted his eyes to the side: “I am not single, but thanks for asking.” He smiled; partly flattered, partly taken aback and partly embarrassed.

I thought I’d feel awkward, but I didn’t. I was being honest, brave and vulnerable.

Many times over the years, I’ve replayed situation in my mind, regretting my actions, or lack of action: if I’d only done things differently by speaking up instead of staying quiet.

I believe, if you make your voice heard, you hoist your sail, cruising in the direction fate is heading and wants to take you, too.

I’d like to meet someone organically. I’m not sure I would have swiped right if we were online, but the way he walked into the exam room that day; his humble confidence, patience and empathic touch invited my attraction for him.

As I left his office, I felt proud; I could have ignored the fateful winds that day, but I didn’t. I took advantage of the moment. I used my voice, put my heart out there and hoisted my sail. No regrets.



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