For A Night. {Poem}

I’m the stranger in bed

So is he

A feeling all too familiar to me

The white, crisp pillows, the minutes aglow

I’ve been here

Many times before

Comforted by foreign souls, I yearn to explore

Paths divided

For a night, bodies collide

Drenched linens

Hands and legs intertwine

Between first sight and last touch

Intimacy conceived

Until, I slip out from under the sheets

Leaving my lover fast asleep, forlorn

Only numbers change on the door

Yet, the arrows

Never lead me astray


From the stranger in bed

No longer a stranger to me. ~Rebecca


One thought on “For A Night. {Poem}

  1. I have read this poem 2 years ago, bookmarked it in my fav websites and came back to it. It’s because of these writings that the world is shining and alive.
    Thank you Rebecca for your honesty and the beauty you are sharing with us!

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