For The Love Of Yoga & The People Who Live It.

I’ve been in a bit of a writer’s pickle—I’m feeling uninspired and indecisive.

What do I write about next? The Olympics? Sex? Divorce?

I haven’t been excited to write about anything in particular, until yesterday. I finished my self practice for the day, rolled up my mat and opened my journal. Losing myself in the lyrics I wrote, time stopped and I disappeared to a place where thoughts are few and contentment is plentiful.

When I decided to emerge, I felt full, clear and calm as though I’d simultaneously risen from a table where I ate the best meal of my life and stepped out of a mikvah (a pool of sacred water used to purify a person) cleaned to the core.

Whenever I write, I transcend the physical. For me, the asana (the posture practice) is the gateway to this place, the place where my passion lives, where I find the richest of riches—myself, where I return to my innocence, connected to everything.

In this space, I am completely myself without want or desire.

The last sentence I wrote before closing my journal was, “My yoga is writing.”

We each have our own yoga reserved for us and us only, where we wed ourselves and welcome the challenge to move a little deeper and a little farther from where we stand in that moment. We know we’ve arrived when the hamstrings of our minds become flexible and the knots of our hearts open wide. We feel inspired to extend past our limitations, because we are safe within ourselves.

In this place, we are free.

As I closed my journal, I began to wonder how others define their yoga. So, I posted this message on Facebook:

I believe yoga comes in many different forms. Not everyone likes being on a rubber mat doing pretzely twisty poses and that’s totally okay! Yoga can be anything that calms and ushers you back to balance. 

So, I’m curious, what’s your yoga?  I’ll start—My yoga is writing.

Here are the answers:

Kadia—My yoga is mostly on the mat, but also running and acting.

Gina—My yoga is smiling at everyone I come into contact with, even if I don’t feel like it or I know I won’t get one in return.

Rachel—Other than asana, my yoga is reading.

Cheryl—My yoga is vedic chant.

Rene—My yoga is listening, be it to an “enlightened” human (usually my kids) or the ever gentle Mother Earth and wine on a desperate occasion.

Marla—A friend of mine once told me running is my yoga.

Sara—My yoga is on the mat, in words both written and read and in other people’s restoration of hope.

Wyatt—My yoga is my dogs. 

Jennie—My yoga is cooking.

Aimee—My yoga is recovery.

Alexandra—My yoga is singing and going fast-on the bike, in the pool, on the snow and in my car.

Alyson—My yoga is running.

Michael—My yoga is music.

Joel—My yoga is rowing.

Rodrigo—My yoga is doing all kinds of exercise, it’s my way of connecting with myself.

Meggan—My yoga is gardening, anything where I get my hands in the dirt.

Brandi—My yoga is anything that makes me feel safe and grounded.

Jason—My yoga is having integrity in my words and actions.

Benjamin—My yoga is sailing.

Tiffany—My yoga is everywhere for me. It’s on the mat. It’s off the mat. It’s my breathing. It’s in finding gratitude when things are tough. It’s in my writing. Sometimes I experience it through other people’s musings. It’s everywhere. I keep it in my hip pocket and if I’m totally honest, it’s in the scoop of Haagen Daaz I’m eating right now after a very long day.

Tawny—I find my yoga in a few places, an uninterrupted cup of coffee and a book of poetry, a hike in the desert, music, connecting with my children, a glass of wine and a hot bath and sometimes I am completely immersed in making a beautiful pot of soup for my friends and family.

Sierra—My yoga is love.

Yoga doesn’t solely strike a pose on a mat, it’s better and bigger than that.

Yoga presents itself in limitless forms, yet the underlying purpose of yoga is the same—Yoga is the vehicle that drives us to our liberation.

You don’t have to forward fold to find peace, you just need to find something you love that loves you back. There you will find your heart and you will be free.

Thank you to my Facebook friends for your contributions, and to those who read this, please share your yoga with me in the comment section below. 


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