Forgiveness. {Poem}

Today is Yom Kippur, ‘The Day of Atonement.’

It is a day to reflect on this past year, take responsibility for our actions, repent and make amends. This day is about accepting our lives as they have unfolded, mistakes and all. Here is a poem I wrote yesterday in honor of this Holy Day.


I forgive you. I do.
How can I not?
I don’t want the doom.
The darkness that creeps in blocking the light.
Leaving no room for compassion, just fright.

I must forgive what you did. What I did. 
Forgiving my actions is the first step of acceptance. 
See the humanity in us all?
Hurting one another is part of living on this great big ball.

I never thought we were capable of evil, 
But it’s in all of us, tamed and sealed 
And it can break just like that. 
Strike like a monster about to attack.

I feel like a kid on this playground we call life. 
Playing hide and seek with a bully named, strife. 
I want to walk on and leave it all behind. 
You have your world and I have mine.

Let go, accept it all. 
This is the way of the peaceful soul. 
Yet, there is a power that overtakes, 
When we hold on to each other’s mistakes.

Forgiveness is possible if we lay down our swords. 
Leave them in the center and walk away from the court. 
I shake your hand and you shake mine. 
That’s the true pledge of divine.

What’s done is done. 
Let’s say goodbye for the last time. 
Farewell to the animosity for posterity’s sake. 

We were both in the wrong
And now our relationship is gone
That’s ok,
Nothing is meant to last forever anyway.

So, will you accept my apology?

Forgive me God for I have sinned.
I accept what I’ve done, released it to the wind. 
Please, oh please carry it far, far away 
To a place untainted by tomorrow’s day.

Now, the only thing that still exists– 
Is the breeze of repentance. 


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