From Here. {Poem}

Divorce is a tragedy I’ve learned to live with. It doesn’t matter whether two people are not meant for one another and everyone is better off; it’s difficult.

The memories gust in and shake grief awake when I least expect it. Just when I think there isn’t anything left to let go of, there is, and there always will be. I’ve accepted that.

I had a fluttering today…

I wish you could look me in the eyes

But, you can no longer

New love put asunder

Aged in years adrift

Your youth, I stole

I’m sorry

Our history remains

An indestructible story

One I am still mourning

With another, the rest of your days you will spend

For this, I couldn’t be happier for you, my friend

And I, will continue to love you from here

Until the very end… ~Rebecca  


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