How Are You? {Poem}

How are you?
What does that mean? 
How can I answer that? 
That’s like trying to see the whole world 
From the bottom of the ocean

How am I? 
I’m a sum of my parts: A human biosphere
Complicated and spread out  
Pieces of my heart remain 
In drought

How am I?
For the weakest part controls the strength of the whole

We all have craters
We just don’t want to reveal them 
Because no one really wants to stand 
At the edge of a black hole 
For fear of falling in and never climbing out
But, we all have them 
And we are meant to expose them

See, we need each other’s help filling them in
One shovel of love at a time 
And then—
We can build 
And sow 
And cultivate a galaxy of half made-whole worlds 
Yearning to be completed, too

Instead, we choose to ask the question 
The question that can and will save the human race 
But we run away before we hear the answer 
What a shame 
We are the makers of our own suffering–war, injustice, inequality

What would happen if we stayed and peeked over the edge? 
What if we stole all the time away from the busyness
And devoted to the work?
Finishing what G-d started

What would happen then? 
So, go ahead 
Ask me how I am 
I’ll know you really care
When you grab that shovel
I’ll pick one up, too and ask—
How are you? 


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