How to Make Love to a Goddess. {Poem}

Gently lift her into your arms,

Careful not to jostle her delicate heart

Yet, strong enough to protect her

Caress her as though you are blind,

And touch becomes your sight.

Kiss her with lips open,

Tongue soft,

Sweeping across hers, as if to say,

“You are the delicacy of my life.”

Travel to her breasts,


From the bottom, to the top

Working your way inward

Like you would

To the center of a molten cake.

Her nipples, the last to be captured.

Don’t bite.

Biting her suppleness

Is like picking a rose before it blooms–

Interfering with nature is a crime to the soul,

The soul of everything.

Her breasts are the source

Treat them like that,

Like they are sacredly sweet—

Licking them like the ice cream cone you’ve been craving

Since the first day of the summer,

And you don’t want to lose one drip

To sun melt.

Consume them in the warm cave of your mouth,


As you hold her in your mighty hands,

This is how to make love to a goddess.

Look up at her

Like she is the woman your dreams

Turned to reality.

Look up at her like you’re at base camp of Everest

Peering up at the possibility

Of reaching the top of the world,

Willing to die for the opportunity

To meet G-d for a moment.

Are you willing to die for her?

If you are,

Look at her like that

And then, look at her like you’ve done it—

You’ve seen

The reason,

The purpose,

The why,

The answer we search for day in and day out of our existence.

You’ve witnessed the whole universe from her summit.

She is the summit—

Look up at her like that.

This is how to make love to a goddess.

Eye contact is the deepest penetration,

Making her cum from her heart to her pussy.

Use your fingers,

Your nails,

Tracing your way to the next landmark,

Wandering all over her gorgeous soil.

Tenderness is intimacy’s mate.

Intention is like the wind—

Uncatchable, un-see-able,

But, it’s there.

Let your intention be—

To win her, like a prize

Not conquer her, like a conquest.

She can tell the difference,

Just as one can tell the difference between a breeze and a gust,

She will know what she is to you.

Let it be known,

You are making love to a goddess.

Sail your lips from her neck to her shoulders

Then, down to her belly

Follow the swell of her breath,

The current will carry you to her center




Proceed with trepidatious desire,

To meet the destination—

Jagged, could be your nails

Rough, could be your knuckles

So, tread lightly, at first,

Floating your fingers around her opening

You are a foreigner,

A visitor who must await an invitation,

Otherwise, you are trespassing—

You are entering before the door has opened.

Let her unravel, unlock

Let her, let you in



Stay right there,

Stay with her,

Stay with her,

Okay, now,

As she pours forth her gratitude

Drenched, are your fingers

That’s the welcoming,

The door is wide open

Enter her as if you are wading into the ocean

After winter had her way with the nation of molecules.

Submerge yourself an inch at a time,

Until you match shades of warmth and coolness—

No difference to be felt.

A synchronized dance,

A tango of reaction and response

Just like that,

Keep your eye on her.

Reach up and rest your hand between her breasts,

Speak through your fingertips,

“Lay there,

Let me serve you,

Let me care for you,

Let me pleasure you for no reason other than this—

That I want to, my goddess, I want to.”

Yes, do that

Insist you serve her

Because she is serving you, by receiving

This how to make love to a goddess.

She will want to give back

Goddesses want to nurture

We want to satisfy

We want to know that we are the source of your pleasure,

Of your affection,

Of your attention,

By making you, ours.

Lay back,


As she consumes your manhood

If you want to touch her, please do—

Stroke her hair

Pulling it back like a curtain to the pregnant sky

Ready to return the day back to life.

When it’s time,

Interlace your fingers through hers,

And draw her to you

Embrace her

Feel your pulses harmonize,

As your bodies beat to the drum of your blood—

Mixing parts,

And voices,

And kisses,

And stars,

And pasts,

And presents,

And your future,



This is how you make love to a goddess.

See her

See her

See her

Tell her how beautiful she is

How the wakes of her flesh pull you under a little deeper


Lead the way

She, on top,

The view of all views as she,

Rises like the perfect wave,

Hips follow shoulders,

Shoulders follow hips

And then

She falls,

Crashing onto you,

And you,

Wrap her in your safety



That’s when she collapses into you,

The shore,

And your goddess becomes yours

And you,



You, become hers—

The man who knows,

How to make love to a goddess.


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