I Can’t Fix You.

I’d like to believe self-actualization is a team effort, but it’s not, it’s a solo mission.

I’ve spent my life trying to help others, depleting my reservoirs by attempting to fix them, which has never proven effective or successful. I end up exhausted and they end up resenting me.

I had a revelation not so long ago: My bleeding heart is not filled with empathy and compassion; it’s controlled by fear and an incessant desire for perfection in everything and everyone.

Almost daily, I have to restrain myself from tying on my cape and swooping in to save people who have no interest in being saved.

It’s not my job to fix. My job is to love.

To love is to accept the people in my life, as they are–in their brokenness, held captive by their demons and paralyzed by fear.

The most heroic action I can take is stillness, silence, the offering of space and steadfast support when it is asked of me.

Love isn’t meant for fixing; love is meant for accepting, and in that acceptance, the healing can begin. ~Rebecca


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