Idle in the Wild. {Poem}

I keep thinking clarity will knock me off my feet

Carry me down the street to certainty

One day

It’ll all make sense to me

That’s not how it happens

Oh no

Oh no

I’ve got to clear the path

All on my own

Put forth effort into the wrong turns

Dead-end and turn around

Over and over

Till the lessons get learned


There’s no road map to the future

I wish there was, but there’s not

I have to feel like this

Idle in the wild



I’ve got to keep doing what I’m doing

Even though

I know where I want to go

I can’t just leave

It’s complicated

That’s what I tell myself anyway


Maybe I’m a coward

Scared of what?

I don’t know


Someday, I’ll take a right

When I should have gone left

It’ll be the direction

For which I am meant


So, I’ll just keep driving

And I won’t turn back

And that’ll be the end of this chapter

I’m stuck in. ~Rebecca



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