Integrity: How to Honor it.

Opportunity is all around.

But–How do I know what opportunities I should accept and what opportunities I should decline?

It’s not easy to trust myself. I haven’t come close to mastering that yet. It’s a full time job maintaining the relationship with my trust-worthy intuition.

It’s very easy to be swept up in the opinions and feelings of others, and the value they assign to my character and the work I produce.

I’ve allowed myself to be carried by their current, pretty much all my life, and it’s taken pretty much all my life to get to this place, where I’m learning to stay true: true to myself and undisturbed by outside influence. And, make decisions from in here, based on what feels right to me at the time.

I had dinner with a friend of mine the other night. We were discussing this issue: when we know it’s the right opportunity and when we know it’s not the right opportunity.

She said something brilliant:

“You know when you’re in violation of your integrity.”

I’m the only one who can violate my integrity; it’s my choice to allow myself into situations that don’t fit who I am, what I stand for, or honor my value.

It takes experiencing the right opportunity to begin to build the self-confidence to honor one’s integrity.

I know how I feel when I’m doing the work I do now:

I feel whole, settled and grounded.
My belly is calm.
My heart beats softly.
My throat is clear.
My hands are steady.
My cheeks ache from smiling at the end of the day.
That’s honoring my integrity.

Now I know, when my gut clenches her fist and beats the shit out of my heart, and I’m weak and lethargic and I question everything–I’m in violation. I need to step away. Say no thank you and move on… ~Rebecca


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