Lovers. {Poem}

No one noticed we were gone.

Balancing my whiskey sour in one hand,

We climbed around the side of the house.

Green chiffon dancing behind, following my lead–

The desert met the roof; I hoisted myself up.

He took off his glasses, placing them down gently near the gutter.

His only hesitance, his suit: he didn’t want to smudge it.

I’ll dust you off after, I coaxed.

I took his hand and pulled him toward me.

I lifted my dress, slid off my panties, unhooking them from my heels—

I spread my legs, the upward glow of the dance floor illuminating my curves, my pussy.

We’d waited long enough.

He’d been patient and understanding.

I unbuckled his pants sliding them down just enough to pull his cock from hiding.

I took him in my mouth. He sighed.

I felt protected under the exposed night’s sky, Orion’s Belt safely in the distance.

It didn’t feel dirty; it felt right.

I lay down–the white, sooty with blown dust and leftovers from the day.

I moaned as he entered me.


No longer friends.

We were never just friends.

Sometimes, love takes time to figure out exactly what it’s meant to be. ~Rebecca


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