Mermaids Dive Into Life.

“I must be a mermaid, I have no fear of depths, and a great fear of shallow living.” ~ Anaïs Nin

I feel more at home in the water than I do on land. Submerged in the depths is where I’m most comfortable, whether that be swimming down to the bottom of the hearts of those whom I love, or exploring the dark un-navigated waters of my creativity, and the looming unknown of the future I can’t see.

I’m a mermaid who dives into life no matter how black the sea, how tumultuous the surface because I’ve learned that the peace, the calm, the tranquility is found underneath it all, down here in the depths — this is where life begins.

The only way to find your tail is to jump all the way in. Your tail won’t appear until you swim away from the shore.

I existed for years in that in between, waist deep froth, where I wasn’t quite on land, but I wasn’t all the way in the water either; struggling to stay upright in the shallow, tormented waters of indecision, fear, distrust of a higher power, and of my own power.

It’s a rough place to be, literally and figuratively. It’s a messy, unsteady, unstable place to stay for long, yet most of us will remain here for years and years. We attempt to look past the horizon of the future and back to the shore of the past, in vacillating terror to let go of our legs that no longer ground us, to allow our glorious, courageous, almighty mermaid tail to manifest.

I had to trust the process and get knocked around — choking and gasping for air until I didn’t need the air any longer; my air became the liquid; my tail became my legs, and the dark became my light. Care to join?~Rebecca  

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”~Rumi


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