Mirror Me.

We all have those days; the days where everything goes wrong.

I had one of those days last week. I was jolted awake at 5AM by a whiny three year old clocking me on the head with her Dora the Explorer microphone. My six year old was complaining that I didn’t get her favorite yogurt for her lunch. Emails were pouring into my inbox as I spilled a cup of milk all over the kitchen counter. I almost got into a fender bender, as a car cut in front of me in the turn lane, and I was late to teach my yoga class. My smile couldn’t budge the corners of the checkout lady’s lips at the grocery store, and the woman behind me ran over my heel with her cart.

Then, we have those days; the days when everything goes right.

The kids slept in and still managed to get out the door on time. We made every green light to school and I got to class early. I received a warm email of appreciation from one of my students and the man in front of me in line at the bank, ushered me in front of him. Strangers wafted warm smiles my way on my daily walk, and the barista at the coffee shop gave me my Cafe Americano on the house

Coincidence? No. Every day, every person, everything that happens in our lives is a reflection of how we treat ourselves, see ourselves and feel about ourselves.

Every person in our lives stands in front of us as a mirror. Allowing us to see our reflection. The person standing in front of us mirrors our reaction and response to the situations we experience.

Every person in our lives exists to help us reach understanding of who we are and reflect our truth back to us. When this mirror appears, we have a decision to make.

We have three choices:

1. We can turn our backs on the mirror, cover our ears and close our eyes; we can ignore and walk away. We can deny what we see and look for another image that shows us something different (which does not exist).

2. We can break the mirror, smash it with anger, reaction and fear. This is the greatest form of denial. Denial distorts our reflection and withholds us from seeing our true form.

3. We can stand in front of the mirror with our eyes wide open and our feet planted. We may cry, we may smile, we may speak or stand in silence, yet we make the decision to stand, with the courage to observe what appears. We stand, we see, we acknowledge and then, we understand.

The first two choices are the easiest routes to take. It’s easy to turn around and walk away. It’s easy to fight. It’s easy to deny.

The third option takes devotion (to be devoted to something or someone takes work, practice and a heck of a lot of patience). It is the hardest of the options, but with hard work, ease follows. The ease of being able to look in the mirror, even if we don’t like what appears, because we know we can transform it through our thoughts, words and actions.

We may even reach a point of understanding, when we don’t need the mirror, because we have the ability to observe ourselves from all directions.

Understanding is born while standing still, listening and accepting what we see. When we see ourselves, we see others because our reflection is crystal clear.


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