Move On, Baby. {Poem}

The moon is full. It’s too bright; I can’t sleep.

The stray cat (who has taken up residence in the mesquite tree out back) was standing in front of the French doors, taunting my dog. He was frantically scratching and whining for a while and then he got tired, or maybe the cat scurried back up into the tree, I’m not sure.

I watched an Anthony Bourdain special on Netflix, chatted with another sleepless soul, wrote and checked my email.

I read an article once that said, when you can’t sleep, you’re supposed to get up and walk around, so I did and as I did, I felt lost.

I felt lost in the home I’ve lived in for twelve and a half years.

Have you noticed that sometimes, familiarity looks foreign?

I can be in the most comfortable of places and feel completely out of place and numb. Maybe I’m not actually numb, but stuck in the question, the uncertainty of it all.

It’s like looking at someone I’ve known forever and for a moment, I don’t recognize them. They look like a stranger to me, and I begin to question everything: Who is this person? Where are we? Who am I? Why? Why?

Or, like the times I have so many thoughts in my head; I’m thinking about everything all at once that all of those thoughts begin to cancel each other out. I think I’m thinking about nothing and I can’t feel my toes.

So, in order to feel again, to find the answer, to remember the who, the where, the why, I write…


It’s time to move on, baby 
Turn around 
And look back 
Just one more glance 
But don’t you give the past 
A second chance 
It’s time to move on, baby 
Come on, come on 
Get up and go 
Go there
To that place 
Where the moon’s always full
And dreams bask in reality’s glow 
It’s here, 
It’s here you will know 
Oh you will know, baby 
This is where you were always 
Supposed to be 
It’s time to move on, baby 
Now go,
Go be with your dreams.



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