Promise Me This. {Poem}

End things

Before they go sour

It’s the most difficult task

Not to cower and remain

When you’re at your best

That’s the sign, the test—

It’s time to leave

And begin again

If you don’t

Complacency will set in


When you reach the top

Your time is up

In comfort, dreams die


Uncertainty brings them back to life

So, jump!

Risk it all


Someone will always catch your fall

And when you land, promise me this–


Only spend time with people

You enjoy and miss

Say no–

It will change your world

Simplify it and make it whole


Trust your gut

Don’t doubt yourself

Tell the truth even if it hurts

Walk away if love ever begs you to stay

Even if that means you end up alone and gray


Let others teach you

But never lead you


True love is supposed to release you

So you can go your own way

A free spirit

You are meant to be. ~Rebecca




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