Silent Love. {Poem}

I thought when I fell in love

And met my match

I’d write about it endlessly:

It would be the mother source of creative inspiration.

It is, but I don’t want to write about it.


There are no words

Or images that could capture

The meaning


The magnitude.


Silence was where it was waiting


Silence is where it will stay.


Over the years,

I’ve allowed myself to be carried by a current of words.

I’ve become another molecule,

Attached to the sentences


Author and anecdote, together.

My identity,

Indistinguishable in the froth

Of thoughts and feelings

Naked, I’ve lived.


I got cold.

It was time to get out.


This love is not to be cast.

It’s meant to be

Kept by my side,

Held close,

Warm and safe–


This love is silent,

Meant only for me to hear.




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