Stay Warm.

Writing comes easy to me when I’m surrounded by crappy days and painful experiences. The inspiration floods in, my fingers move, on their own and the pages fill up in minutes. It’s not a challenge for me, but this, this is difficult.

This is when I shy away–when life just blossomed and everything I thought was inside the bud is no longer a hope; it’s real and all I want to do is appoint Pollyanna as my official spokeswoman.

Today, I’d like to say this:

You have to work for this type of joy.
You have to be willing to endure the loneliness, the excruciating heartbreak and the letting go of the people and things that leave you feeling lukewarm, because, your heart whispers–lukewarm isn’t good enough. 
You’ve got to learn how to warm yourself up and accept that it might always be this way–just you.
You’ve got to find something and do it with everything you’ve got. That something will light you up, so the right opportunities and the right people will find you.
You have to be willing to keep your dream alive while staying open to the unexpected.
When you do all that, this thing happens–you’re seen.
The universe wraps her arms around you and the only words you can muster are: Thank you. Thank you for the cold and the pain because it brought me here. ~Rebecca


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