Talk to Me. {Poem}

Talk to me

Like you mean it

Arms divide

Dive in

To that urge

To scream 

Sobs drenched with thoughts

Tell me the things

You deny

Because you fear

It’ll go unresolved

So you hide 


But don’t, 

Let me know you

In that way

This way

When your heart sighs


Here I am


To listen 

Trust me

Intimacy bleeds the freedom

That stains

Love is released

When we stop being afraid

Scratch that,

When we are scared the most

Shaken to the core

But we have to,

Have to

Burst forth

Not a moment before

After, oh sweet after

It’s worth it,

To crack

Open wide

Let me inside

Our hearts become friends

Our souls intertwine

This is the purpose of the human—

Divine while confined

If we can let go of control

Then we will know

This love, it’s free

Then once we do,

So are we.


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