The Best Version I’ve Ever Known.

“You’re the best version of every girl I’ve ever dated.”

I remember when he said that to me; we were naked, lying next to each other by the side of the pool, our bodies glistening, reflecting the shine of the midsummer’s moon. We’d just made love. I thought I saw a shooting star as I came.

When we first met, he said: “Maybe this will last forever. Maybe this will be a shooting star. It’s worth it, whatever happens.”

He was the best version of every guy I’d ever dated. Like G-d sifted the good from each person I’d known, discarding the stuff that caused the suffering.

Gosh, I loved him. I still love him. I’m still in love with him. Instead of being crippled by the grief, it’s turned sweet and strong; it fuels my days.

I don’t know if I’ll ever have a spark, a connection like that with another man. I accept that, because, I’ll always have it with him. And, that’s enough. It truly is.

There are the love stories that are unrequited, or happily ever after, or tragic. And then, there are the love stories like this one, that are the best version: not one sided, or until death do us part, or heartbreaking.

No, this love is the love I’d always wanted to know: the one that coexisted under the same cover in different chapters for decades, and then they meet midway through the book, and then they part, and it’s incredibly sad, yet inspiring in its truth.

Because, that’s what happens in life: nothing stays the same; people are good for each other and then they are not; people disappear, in death or in a break up, which is death with an umbilical cord. But, if you’re lucky, you get to experience that feeling, that feeling you can’t fake or force into creation.

That feeling is birthed in the soul of the cosmos and it remains even after the flesh is gone. It stays and it protects and keeps company even when you’re alone.

I know he’s here with me every day and he always will be. He is the best version of love I’ve known, and I will cherish him and our relationship until I reach the back cover and beyond. ~Rebecca


One thought on “The Best Version I’ve Ever Known.

  1. Rebecca,

    I just found your site today while looking for the author of “Marry a man who touches you … ” (Alex Myles 4-AUG-2015), shared by an angelic soulmate (married friend) in my life today. I will admit that you and my married friend caught my attention first by your physical beauty, and I’m finding great depth of soul in her and in you.

    I tend to go deep into things that interest me, then skip along to something more urgent. So, please know that I might not read from or write to your site every week or month. ‘Just want you to know that I appreciate your existence and hope that I may learn from the wisdom you share.



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