The Girl who Chose to Smile. {Poem}

I’ve been watching—
The people, who can and do,
And the people, who can’t, but do anyway
And the people, who can, but don’t
And the people, who can, but won’t. 
And I recognize how much of life, of it is in our control. 

True, we don’t know what will happen tomorrow,
Or if our lives will be swept away in a tsunami of tragedy,
Most likely, we will be here today
And we will be here tomorrow
And the day after that, at least
Therefore, saying I can’t or I won’t, well,
I’m creating my own wave of destruction, aren’t I?

I don’t want to be like that.
I don’t want to live like that.
I don’t want to be that person that I default to being sometimes:
The one, who loves the worst-case scenario
Because there’s safety in that, you know?
Then I’m prepared for the worst,
But—what am I forgetting?
What about the best?
What could happen then?
If I just said I could and I would?

I want to be a can do person.
A yes person!
A yes person who knows exactly when to say no,
To the stuff that won’t and can’t.

It is my choice to wake today
And make the best of it,
See the best in everything
And everyone
And do the best I can with what I’ve got.

Whatever I don’t have…

That’s over there in the pile of can’t and won’t;
It doesn’t belong to me
It’s not mine.
This belongs to me.
This smile.
This infectious laugh!
This joie de vivre
That gets stuck inside my twisty dark mind, sometimes.
I’m un-sticking her.
That’s in my control!

I’m in control of my happiness,
Of the way my life turns today, and you know what?
When something happens that’s out of my control,
At least I’ll face it with a smile.
That’s how I want to be known
And how I want to be remembered,
As the girl who chose to smile every day,
From here on out.


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