Trust the Process. {Poem}

There isn’t a person alive who doesn’t have a question to answer,

A life altering decision to make,

A hurt to apologize for,

Or a void to fill.

We all do. We all do. 

We’re rarely satisfied with how we are and how it is.

We’re always seeking and hoping for more: huh? This is it? It can’t be! 

Everyone we come in contact with is questioning his or her decisions and existence in some capacity, every single day.

The reason we find ourselves in distress is that we inherently know:

There isn’t anyone else who has the answer.

No one can solve our riddle, but there’s one thing that can help—support.

We’re here to support each other in our confusion,

Because, love calms the chaos and helps us feel like there may be a solution,

And there is: to lean into each other and blindly, but consciously trust the process.



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