Wedding Ceremonies & Officiating


I just married my 10th couple.

It never gets old. How could it? Standing a couple feet from two people who are willing to lean in and trust one another completely.

It’s an honor and one I take very seriously.

I believe it’s really not about the wedding; it’s about the marriage.

The ceremony lays the foundation for the marriage.

Over the course of the engagement, I meet with each couple regularly. We get to know each other and I offer different exercises and questionnaires for them to answer together.

I write each ceremony from scratch to reflect their personalities and religious and/or spiritual values and beliefs. The end product is an authentic ceremony reflective of the couple.

Please contact me if you are interested in hiring me to officiate or write your ceremony and/or vows.



We met Rebecca through her yoga studio, Yogalution. After years of practicing with Rebecca, and being guided by her, we knew that we wanted her to guide us in our wedding ceremony. Rebecca is really amazing at being totally present to the moment, being with people so deeply, and giving such warmth & love. As an officiant, Rebecca was great. She understood what was important to us, customized the ceremony for us, and delivered it flawlessly. She was real and honest and relaxed and fun and did it with such honor for the ceremony. If you are looking for a meaningful, thoughtful, and personal ceremony, Rebecca is your officiant! We totally recommend her!

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