When No One is Looking…

Tuesday is landscape day around here.

I have a small window of time to enjoy the first chirps of dawn before the leaf blowers and weed-wackers chime in.

I sip my coffee and tap on the keys, attempting to ignore the sounds. I pretend I can still hear the hatching of the sun over the whines and whistles of the motors.

I saw the gardener, but he couldn’t see me. He was listening to his music, bobbing his head as he swayed the blower left and right.

He lost control of his trajectory, accidentally catapulting some leaves up and over my wall, onto my patio, which I had just swept the night before.

He unlatched my gate and hopped over the rug. With the focus of a pool shark, he lined up the nozzle and gracefully blew the debris back over the wall. He gently closed the gate behind him and continued his work.

It’s what we do when we think no one is looking that defines us. When we think we’re alone, we’re in our most authentic state.

He didn’t have to take the time and energy to correct his mistake, but he did, because, he cared about his footprint, his mark on Earth, and he cared about me, without knowing me.

It got me thinking about all the things others do for me that I am unaware of.

What if I hadn’t been sitting there to witness his kindness?

The gardener reminded me that I’m always being cared for, even if I can’t see it; I’m always supported.

So, what do I do with this knowing?

I follow his lead: I love it forward; this is how I say thank you.

Will you join me?

Let’s take care of someone else today whether they are aware of it or not. ~Rebecca


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