When to Say Goodbye…{Poem}

When to say goodbye…

When your heart is telling you to, 
But your grip is white. 
That’s when. 
When you’re fighting with all you’ve got to hold it together,
But it keeps falling apart.
That’s when.
When it prevents you from serving up your specialty to others.
That’s when. 

The things and people worth holding on to, 
Don’t need to be held onto at all. 
They’re just there, 
They’re meant to be. 
With open pink palms and welcoming arms. 

When you don’t have to hold on tight, 
When you don’t have to fight to keep it, 
That’s when… 
It’s time to say hello. ~Rebecca


3 thoughts on “When to Say Goodbye…{Poem}

  1. This poem is beautiful. Very few people know when to say goodbye, and this is crucial to maturity, growth and change. Ms. Lammersen expressed this reality wonderfully.

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