Wisdom From a Pothole.

Every day I wake up ready to learn. I’m in school, but I’m not talking about my textbooks, I’m talking about life.

My goal is to learn and/or re-learn something, every single day. I’m a collector of knowledge, practical knowledge.

Yesterday, I re-learned that the simplest decisions I make impact the level of stress, anxiety and struggle in my life in that moment and beyond.

The lesson was small yet mighty —

There’s this pothole in the road I drive on a few times a day. Sometimes we meet and sometimes we don’t.

The days I’m focused on where I’m going, I see it coming. I know it’s there and I change lanes to avoid the collision of my tire with the sunken metal and asphalt. I avoid the discomfort of the drop, and the wear and tear on my shocks and wheels.

When I’m distracted, I plunge right into the trap. I feel like it comes out of nowhere and I’m left confused, “How’d I miss that? I knew it was there!”

That’s life. Isn’t it? I find myself in this same “pothole” situation in my relationships, career and daily decisions if I’m not paying attention.

However, if I am paying attention and invite my wisdoms (from past experiences) to sit in the passenger seat, I have the foresight to detour the mistakes I’ve made in the past, and drive smoothly down the road.

It is simple! Be present. Being present sounds so easy, doesn’t it?

It’s not, not at all.

It takes a heck of a lot of work to stay present — in the moment. I’m easily distracted, but if I can keep reminding myself that hindsight is the key to unlocking a clearer path to the future, I’m more likely to keep my eyes on the road and my hands on the wheel.

Hindsight is wisdom awaiting future application. Hindsight is always trying to sit beside me, guide me, and help me avoid the potholes of life. She will, as long as I’m willing to meet her halfway and pay attention.

Today, watch out for the potholes and drive safely. ~Rebecca


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