You Hold The Key.

This past week, I overheard two very interesting conversations at the coffee shop where I study.

One was a meeting between an astrologer/intuitive and a young woman, and the other between two pastors, planning a sermon.

I listened as the astrologer discussed planetary alignments and the trajectory of this young gal’s path. Arms crossed and supported on her knees, she leaned in, to get as close to the future as she could, to the answers, to the certainty.

One pastor proclaimed to the other pastor what the soul really wants, where it goes when the body dies, and what Jesus would expect from each of us. The other pastor nodded his head, “Mmhmm, mmhmm,” humming in agreement.

We are desperate to know, to have the answers, and capture certainty, so we look to others, who seem like they know more than we do, who claim to have the key to the universe tucked inside their spirit.

We convince ourselves that they do, because, we are scared of this “not knowing.”

They don’t know. No one does.

The only key that exists is that of choice.

We choose the direction we go.

We choose to love or hate.

Our lives are a collection of the choices we make; our present circumstance is a consequence or reward of those choices.

You and I don’t need anyone else to tell us which way to go, or what will happen when Jupiter arrives.


You are the expert.

You are the knower, the doer, the answer keeper, and the fortune teller of your life.

You don’t need the pastor or the astrologer to tell you which way to go, because, ultimately you’re the master of your decisions.

Trust the unknown and the uncertain.

Trust the future even though it’s in the black at the moment.

Trust yourself and the choices you make.

You are the key to your own universe.~Rebecca




4 thoughts on “You Hold The Key.

  1. Man, I need to start hanging around more intellectual places! The last conversation I overheard was at the mall food court. A teenage girl was talking about how her bitch-ass boyfriend got fired for three no call no shows in a row, and she paid his way into prom, and how he only wants to be friends, but when he gets high he be grabbin’ her ass and motor-boatin’ her titties.

    If you could only physically slap some sense into people! I suppose I could’ve told her to subscribe to your blog, maybe she’d realize her decisions were going to effect the rest of her life and that she is way more valuable then she gives herself credit for.

    Anyway, awesome blog! What are you studying?

  2. Excellent piece! I couldn’t agree more! It is very liberating to reach the place where you are comfortable admitting you don’t know the answers, but will not accept religious myths or other theories from self-proclaimed spiritual “experts.”

    Trust your intuition, and follow the guidance of that voice from your “heart.”
    Most of all, decide that there is nothing to fear from the great unknown. Instead, become excited to learn and grow with the enthusiasm of a child as you explore the world, the universe, and the wonderful, unique person that you are!

    My instincts tell me that Dr. Wayne Dyer was correct when he said “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

    The answers will come. More will be revealed. Let’s enjoy the trip, and help each other along the way. And remember that no other person has a crystal ball. No one can see something that you can’t.

    Embrace Love! Reject fear, hate, and worry. Seize the day, and tomorrow will take care of itself.

  3. Before I stumbled into embracing consciousness, to wanting and deciding to do the work to learn how to live consciously and with intention, the true meaning of this post would have been lost on me.

    Intellectually I recognize the truth of what you write. But I’m still working on feeling it with my heart. A lifetime of using ego and false pride (to name just two of the many culprits) as coping – defense mechanisms, unknowingly living in my fear and insecurity, didn’t get all “fixed” once I opened my self up to being taught, to actively learning the incredible value in – how to embrace, transparency, vulnerability and acceptance.

    In a round about way, what I’m saying is it’s not hard to understand why many people look to others for answers. It’s one thing to intellectually know concepts related to wellness – living consciously; pretty much everyone knows the verbal axioms. It’s entirely another thing to know the actions, understand what they look like and to live them.

    Appreciate the reminders you post …

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